Presenting my website

A staged placement of a laptop and a smartphone showing with some notes and a cup of espresso on the side, all on a wooden table.

My website is up, and it’s turned out pretty much the way I wanted it to.

I “finished” designing it some time in Feb. I even did an implementation of it on MEAN with KeystoneJS for a CMS. Then I got busy with another project, and by the time I came back to this, I’d learned a few things about WordPress. So I threw out that implementation and started again from scratch. The design changed substantially. Content became tighter. Also, I had a clearer vision of where my design career should go.

Here’s a complete list of the languages, tools, templates, services, and technologies I’ve used:

  • Inkscape
  • GIMP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SVG
  • Javascript
  • Sass
  • LAMP stack
  • WordPress [platform, documentation]
  • _s
  • Portfolio CPT
  • Ubuntu Desktop
  • VSCode
  • Chrome dev-tools
  • Git

My new website showcases the kind of custom website design and development I can do for my clients. It is fast, usable, accessible, responsive, and in my admittedly biased opinion, not too bad to look at 🙂. I learned a lot of things making this and I have about ten draft blog posts lined up to document some of them.

The last thing I designed was the comments section on blog posts. I’d missed it out entirely 😳. Anyway, the website is ready to launch, so here goes! 🚀🍾

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