The AgrIOT Group is an Israel-based agritech startup for which I designed and developed a fully responsive WordPress website with custom templates and CMS features. The design involved the production of custom graphics, charts, and mockups, as well as proofreading content.

This was a pretty intense project executed under a time constraint as the client required the website to be up and running in four days in time for a conference.

AgrIOT website's landing page
I designed custom graphics and illustrations for presenting information throughout the website. Custom graphics Custom graphics Color, layout, size, and visibility change based on device. Responsive design Responsive design I developed custom templates for this website. For instance, the caption of the featured image is shown under the banner, if available. For the Team page, I wrote a custom shortcode to source specified images from the media library as profiles on the page. Custom templates and shortcodes Custom templates and shortcodes The site header is rendered differently for desktop, tablet, and phone. I wrote a custom NavWalker to render the top-level menu so that it is editable from the WordPress CMS rather than being hard-coded. Responsive header and navigation Responsive header and navigation

AgrIOT websiteLanding page

AgrIOT website grey themeI designed multiple themes for the website. The colors are all defined in one palette file from where they are used across the site.